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After three amazing summits in 2019, 2020, and 2021; VASPS expanding its outreach in the landscape of further education for applied sport psychology professionals. In 2022, VASPS will continue to include new approaches for sharing knowledge and experiences, improve the ability to learn from and interact with each other and invite even more well known and highly regarded sport psychology professionals. Everything VASPS offers is directed towards helping you to learn from other successful sport psychology professionals and ultimately deliver the highest quality of work to your athletes, teams and coaches.

| 2 days | 8+ Live SESSIONS | 12+ Speakers
| 16+ hours of content |

November 3rd & 4th, 2022

Current Schedule and content


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All previous VSP+ Monthly Workshop Series recordings, including the following titles:

  • Coaches on The Front Line of Sport Psychology: Effectively Integrating The Coaching Staff into the Psychology Pipeline – Julia Eyre
  • Cognitive and Mental Training Techniques – Dr. Stefania Paiz
  • Unleashing the Power of Decision Making Through the Eyes of Athletes – Lee Waters
  • LGBTQI Athletes and Mental Health – David “Dirk” Smith
  • Sport Psych Mapping – Luka Dragicevic
  • What We Learned from COVID-19 in Sports So Far – Dr. Christian Zepp

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The Speaker’s Line up

Dr. Zoe Black

Dr. Zoe Black is a sport and exercise psychologist who has recently completed a Doctorate in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University and is based in Scotland. During her time on this program she gained experience working in a number of high performance sporting environments, including swimming, rugby, football, basketball and tennis. She has experience working with organisations, groups and individual clients.

Honesty, empathy and respect are her guiding principles. Her practice takes a holistic approach encompassing all aspects of a client’s life into our work. She is committed to provide a safe space where clients can feel free from judgment and explore their thoughts and feelings. She believes sport psychology is as much about personal development and wellbeing as it is about performance enhancement.

Dr. Walter Tolentino Castro

Walter Tolentino-Castro is a sport scientist and a physical education teacher who has had the privilege of learning and teaching at several schools and universities in Brazil and Germany. In these more than 10 years he realized the need to uncomplicate the scientific knowledge and be able to listen to the demands of the practice while trying to create this bridge between two worlds. This is how the PODIUM Sportcast was born. There is no progress without access!

Clara Fabry

Clara holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Sport and Health in prevention and therapy, a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in sport and exercise psychology and soon an undergraduate in Psychology (B.Sc.). She currently works as a research assistant at the German Sport University in the department of health and social psychology in Cologne. She is part of a project that aims to implement safeguarding concepts into the volunteer work with children and adolescents in German sports clubs. During the past two years, Clara has been working as an applied sport psychological expert for an elite German football club, where she has supported the players, coaches, staff, and management level in their goal of reaching the third tier football league. Clara grew up in a small town close to Frankfurt alongside three brothers who prepared her to work surrounded by a team of men, continuously striving for success.

Sam Ireland

Sam has completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology with Sports Sciences (B.Sc.) and a postgraduate degree in Psychology in Sport and Exercise (M.Sc.). He started his career in applied sport psychology working both freelance with sports teams and business teams, as well as part-time in a youth academy for a German third tier football team. He recently moved to Bavaria and changed clubs, currently employed as the lead sport psychologist in the youth academy of a Bundesliga first tier football club. Sam grew up in the south of Germany, to a German mother and an English father, proud brother to both an older and a younger sister. After finishing school he spent a few years playing professional basketball in the UK and Germany.

Serena MacLeod

Serena MacLeod (CPsychol, HCPC, MSc, BSc, DipSW) is an HCPC registered, Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist and Mental Performance Consultant. Serena recently relocated to Toronto, Canada after living in London, UK for 8 years. Her areas of interest include the psychological impact of injury and performing under pressure. The start of her professional career was mostly in traditional sports, working in BMX, football (soccer), swimming, lacrosse, hockey, rowing, athletics and rugby. This included her previous role as Women’s Academy Psychologist at Reading FC and Sport Psychologist at UK Athletics, Swim England, University of Oxford and Imperial College. For the last two and a half years, she has worked more within esports including her current role as Mental Performance Coach (Esports) at Manchester City FC supporting FIFA and Fortnite players and working privately with clients through her consultancy, Cognitive Performance.

Prof. Adam Nicholls

Adam is a professor of psychology within the Department of Sport, Health and Exercise Science at the University of Hull, UK. The focus of his research relates to the psycho-social factors that predict doping among adolescent athletes, along with coping and emotions among athletes. He is also particularly interested in the psychology of coaching, and how coaches can incorporate psychology within their coaching practice. His first book, ‘Focused for Rugby’ was written with ex-England international player and coach, was written for players and coaches. His second book, ‘Psychology for Coaches: Theory and Practice’, which has been translated into Arabic and Hungarian, provides information on how coaches can incorporate key psychological principles to enhance their coaching practice.

Dr. Kirsten Peterson

Kirsten Peterson, PhD, Is a performance psychologist, facilitator, and speaker.  She has spent decades working in elite sport, both with the U.S. Olympic Committee as a Senior Sport Psychologist and then as head of the Performance Psychology team at the Australian Institute of Sport.  She melds this experience with expertise in neuroscience and mindfulness to help leaders and teams in and out of sport work better with their brains and minds for improved performance, well-being, and interpersonal connection.

Kirsten received her PhD in Counseling Psychology and MS in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois, USA.  She is a certified Organizational Coach and Meditation Teacher.

Bernadette Ramaker

Bernadette is accredited as SPORTPSYCHOLOOG VSPN® and Specialist in Applied Sport Psychology (SASP-FEPSAC). Bernadette is currently working as a full-time embedded performance coach for Rogue, a professional esports organization. Before Bernadette joined the esports scene at the start of 2020, she had been active as a self-employed applied sport psychologist in the Netherlands since 2016 working with athletes from a variety of traditional sports disciplines. Additionally, Bernadette is part of the Managing Council of the European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology (ENYSSP) as Applied Department Coordinator and is actively involved in the Equal Esports Council, which has a monitoring and advisory function within the Equal Esports Initiative.

Dr. Pete Schneider

Peter Schneider is currently the team psychologist for RB Leipzig’s first team in the German Bundesliga. He has extensive experience in both youth academies and professional soccer, focusing on creating successful talent development environments and psychological safety, both for his players and colleagues. Originally from Detroit, MI (USA), Peter obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biology at Kalamazoo College, moving afterwards to Europe at the age of 22. He then completed a double master’s degree in Sport Psychology at the University of Jyväsksylä (Finland) and in Sport Diagnostics and Intervention at Leipzig University (Germany). Peter first began working with local teams and athletes while completing his PhD at Leipzig University in determining successful factors in transitions within elite talent development environments. He is the former president of the European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology (ENYSSP) and a frequent guest at European and North American conferences.

Donny Stumpel

Donny Stumpel from Next Level Esports mentors esports coaches to become more impactful with the players and teams they work with and help them develop their careers. Donny is providing courses, programs, and individual mentoring within the esports space. He is also a certified ActionTypes coach focusing on the different tendencies and behaviors within individuals, with several other certifications. Making every interaction tailor-made to the coach he is working with.

David “Dirk” Smith

Dirk Smith is Virtual Sport Psych’s Community Manager and Co-Organizer of VASPS2022 . He is pursuing his PhD in sport/exercise science and psychology at the German Sports University in Cologne. Dirk holds his M.Sc in sport/exercise psychology from the German Sports University Cologne and B.Sc in sport/exercise science from Metropolitan State University Denver. In addition to VSP, Dirk works for SC Janus as a competitive swimming and strength and conditioning coach and SC Brühl Senior Men’s Football Team as a strength and conditioning coach and team’s sport psychologist. Dirk is also the managing editor and director of education for Compete Sports Diversity covering sport psychology, sport science and sports diversity topics in writing and education.

Dr. Laura Swettenham

Laura is a Sport & Exercise Psychologist registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council, and a chartered member of the British Psychological Society. Laura has a wealth of experience supporting athletes, coaches and teams in a range of sports and esports such as tennis, football, League of Legends and Rocket League at both a regional and international level. Here, Laura uses approaches from sport psychology to facilitate high wellbeing and performance. Alongside her applied work, Laura is Head of Research at IFoEC and currently leads on a number of research projects in the areas of autonomy supportive coaching, reflective practice, and mindfulness-based approaches.

Matt Watson

Matt, a former professional basketball coach in Germany and Athletics Director in the USA, is a performance coach in esports and the Director of Learning & Development at IFoEC. Matt has worked with esports teams and supported coaches across a range of competitive levels and career stages, from student societies to the League of Legends European Championship. Matt is working towards his PhD in coaching in sport and esport at the German Sport University in Cologne, where he lectured for four years on the MSc Psychology in Sport & Exercise programme. He has published a number of scientific papers in the area of sports science, psychology and coaching and continues to contribute to esports coaching and performance research.

Dr. Christian Zepp

Dr Christian Zepp studied sport sciences at the German Sport University Cologne. After working as the national team coach for Standing Volleyball in Cambodia and working with Formula 1 as well as Rallye race car drivers he came back to the German Sport University Cologne to earn his doctoral degree in the field of sport psychology. Today he is working as lecturer at the Institute of Psychology at the German Sport University and coaches and counsels national and international athletes, teams, coaches and federations as an expert in sport psychology



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Frequently asked questions

What if I can't make it to the talks and presentations?

No need to worry. VASPS was created because we are all busy and have a lot of things to do. Once the summit started, you can go online and attend the talks and presentations whenever you are ready – not when the talks start! All talks are recorded and will be available to you forever, so you can revisit the material as many times as you wish!

What type of people is VASPS2022 best for?

VASPS2022 is ideally for people who are already working or who want to work in the field of sport psychology. No matter if you are experienced or just starting out; no matter if you’re working with local athletes or Olympians; no matter if you’re working in traditional sports or in esports: VASPS2022 has content and knowledge ready for you. VASPS2022 is for people who are working with athletes and coaches, and who are interested in becoming better at what they do and how they do it.

VASPS2022 is NOT for athletes who want to learn certain techniques or strategies about for example how to perform better, cope with stress or improve their self-talk.

Do I need to have a background in sport psychology?

You absolutely do NOT need to have a strong background in sport psychology. If you are simply interested – let’s say as a coach – in how sport psychology works, how it can help clients in different settings and what you can learn from other sport psychologists: please grab a seat.

At some point it might be helpful if you have heard about sport psychology before and the struggles athletes face. But if you’re open minded you simply want to broaden your horizon although you haven’t studied sports psychology you are more than welcome to join the talks and presentations.

Will I receive a certificate once VASP2022 is over?

Yes, you will receive a certificate. Moreover, I try to get proof from as many sport psychology organizations worldwide that they accept VASPS2022 certificates as part of their re-accreditation processes for their members. Thus, if you want your national organization to accept VASPS2022 certificates, just drop me a short email which national organization I should contact. As always, I’m here to serve you.

What will I need to participate in VASPS?

Great question with a simple answer. All you’ll need to participate in VASPS is an internet connection and a connected device. You can attend the summit anywhere in the world. In a hammock on the Bahamas, or on your couch in your pajamas, from wherever, no dramas 😉

Do I need a specific software to attend the summit?

No, you don’t need a certain software. I try to keep it as simple as possible for you.

Will the videos of the summit also be available elsewhere on the internet?

No, most definitely NOT! The videos and all the other expert material will be accessible for VASPS2022 participants only! We will promote the summit with small interview snippets – but the general content will only be exclusively accessible to the summit’s participants on VSP+ and Vimeo.

Do you have special discounts available?

Yes, I offer assistance for sport psychology professionals (or those who strive to become one in the near future) from developing or emerging countries and for students. If you are a student or from an emerging country and want to participate in the summit, please contact me via email (mail@christianzepp.com) or just use the chat on the right side of this website. My goal is to help all sport psychology professionals from around the world learn more about sport psychology and to improve the services they are providing. Thus, I’m more than happy to offer a assistance to those who are unable to pay the full registration fee.

Will there be someone I can contact during the summit if I have any questions or trouble?

Yes! The summit will be held online, but without robots involved. VASPS is organized by real people and I am more than happy to answer all of your questions before, during, and after the summit. Just send an email to christian@virtualsportpsych.com or david@virtualsportpsych.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I have a question about something not covered here or I need some help, who can I ask?

Again, you can send every question you might have to christian@virtualsportpsych.com or david@virtualsportpsych.com and we will take care of all of your questions!