Summit 2019


Learn from some of the world’s best practitioners in the field of sport psychology!

Improve your sport psychology skills in 4 days full of experience, stories, strategies, techniques, and knowledge!


4 Days | 15+ Speakers | 20+ Lessons

September 24-27, 2019

Virtual Applied Sport Psychology Summit 2019

Never. Stop. Learning.

VASPS is an online conference that is concerned with sharing knowledge in the field of applied sport psychology and helping sport psychologists improve their work.


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September 9th, 2019 at 9am (CEST)


Schedule and content

Day 1: Being a sport psychologist

  • Session 1: Dr Richard Keegan (UK/Australia) & Snezana Stoljarova (Estonia)
    • Ethics, Behaviors and Roles – What Does It Mean to Be a Sport Psychologist?
  • Session 2: Dr David Tod (UK)
    • Professional Development as Sport Psychologists
  • Session 3: Peter Schneider (USA/Germany)
    • The Role of Sport Psychologists in Professional Sports Clubs
  • Session 4: Webinar and group discussion
    • Being a Sport Psychologist – what does it mean to you, what are your thoughts and what did you learn today. We will be joined by some of the presenting experts for some Q&A.

Day 2: working as a sport psychologist

  • Session 1: Mitch Greene (USA)
    • Managing the Mind Chatter: Teaching Athletes How to Minimize Doubts and Negativity
  • Session 2: Grzegorz Wieclaw (Poland)
    • Working With Paralympic Athletes
  • Session 3: Georgia Ridler (Australia)
    • Working With Olympic Athletes
  • Session 4: Dr Chris Willis (USA/Austria)
    • Being the Best You Can Be – Coaching Performers in Other Domains
  • Session 5: Webinar and group discussion
    • Working as a sport psychologist is more than coaching athletes in sports. What are your experiences and challenges you face? We will be joined by some of the presenting experts for some Q&A.

Day 3: mental health for athletes and coaches

  • Session 1: Dr Anthony Papathomas (UK)
    • Mental Illness and Mental Well-Being in Athletes
  • Session 2: Dr Sebastian Altfeld (Germany)
    • Depression and Burn-Out in Coaches
  • Session 3: Sunny Nwabueze (USA)
    • Mindfulness and How to Present it to Athletes
  • Session 4: Webinar and group discussion
    • When and how do you realize that you need to refer an athlete or coach to a psychotherapist? We will discuss your experiences and will have time to answer your questions with some of the presenting experts during some Q&A.

Day 4: working as a sport psychologist in esports

  • Session 1: Fabian Broich (Germany)
    • Holistic Athlete Development in esports
  • Session 2: Ismael Pedraza (Colombia/Germany)
    • High Performance Environments in esports
  • Session 3: Katharina Haensch (Germany), Ismael Pedraza (Colombia/Germany) & Nina Zweifel (Switzerland)
    • Current Sport Psychology Topics in esports
  • Session 4: Webinar and group discussion
    • Esports is becoming more and more popular for sport psychologist. We will reflect about the topics that have been discussed in the sessions before and you will get the opportunity to ask some of the experts your questions during some Q&A.

PLUS: bonus PRESENTATIONS, interviews and materialS

what you will Learn…

In each of the 15+ expert sessions, you will learn a lot about sport psychology.
From getting into contact with potential clients, developing a structured counseling process, realizing when to refer an athlete or coach to a psychotherapist, to numerous best practice examples from experienced applied sport psychologists from around the globe.
Speakers and guests will share stories from their personal experiences as a sport psychologist working with athletes, teams, coaches, clubs and federations. You will learn about problems and challenges sport psychologists face and how they take care of their own (mental) health.


Learn from SOME OF the World’s Best PRACTITIONERS…

You get to learn from 15+ of some of the world’s best applied working sport psychologists.
All of the speakers and interview guests are renowned in their profession for delivering high quality work to some of the best athletes from around the world – both, in able-bodied and disabled sports. Speakers and guests are joining in from the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Australia, and more.
During and after the summit you can download all the expert material – from PDFs to videos, interviews, and talks!



Save time & and money…

The summit will entirely be held online.
No traveling fees, no accommodation costs, no expensive restaurants, no waiting time at the airport. You don’t have to deal with looking for a flight, accommodation, traveling alone (who likes that, by the way?!), waiting in lounges or standing in overbooked trains, or buying new clothes because the airline lost your luggage…
Just sit back on the couch in your pajamas and enjoy all the talks and interact with other applied sport psychologists from home or wherever you are in the world.




LEARN and interact green…

VASPS is completely held online so we can learn from some of the best sport psychologists from around the world and at the same time don’t increase the amount of carbon in the environment – Because our environmentally friendly communication method reduces travel and paper printing. Moreover, VASPS is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, meaning that we donate at least 1% of all earnings to non-profit organizations that work for our wonderful planet.



September 24-27, 2019

Learn from some of the best sport psychologist from around the world!

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