Powerful alone. Better together.

When we are working with athletes, teams, and coaches, we are doing that – in most cases – alone. We all are educated in what we do, and we also know why we do what we do – both, from a personal and from a professional perspective (ok, at least most times…).

However, learning from each other, asking questions, getting answers from other experienced sport psychology professionals, talking about this method or that new research is important to improve the services we are offering to our clients. Together we can be even better – together we can become even more powerful.

BUT: When and where do we have the opportunity to really meet with our peer group and ask burning questions – without feeling stupid? How can we get access to experts in applied sport psychology? Where can we safely share methods, questions, handouts, and other things that are important to us?

Working together, joining forces, sharing knowledge with others who share your values and goal can significantly improve the sport psychology services we are offering.

Introducing VSP+

With VirtualSportPsych.com, I am proud to serve a global community of sport psychology professionals who want to take their practice to the next level. During VASPS2019 and VASPS2020 we had Facebook Groups and a Discord channel to interact with each other – but that wasn’t really satisfying to me. Unclear data security and privacy settings, too many distractions, confusion about tools… Now, I will change that!

VSP+ is the safe place for growth-minded sport psychology professionals who are eager to share their knowledge and experiences, open to ask their questions in their peer group, help colleagues solve difficult situations and join a global supportive network of sport psychology professionals.

Confidentiality, Safety and privacy

If there is one thing that is important to me, both personally and professionally, it is being reliable and accountable. Reliable and accountable in terms of what I say happens; what you tell me stays with me; I care for you; or if you are with me, you are safe. This is especially true when working online.

Thus, confidentiality, safety and privacy are among the core benefits and tenets of VSP+.

  • VSP+ is a safe place to ask questions, experiment with ideas, develop new methods and strategies, and generally learn and grow without fear of judgment or rejection.
  • VSP+ offers monthly interactive workshops that are exclusive to our community and presented by fellow sport psychology professionals who passionate about learning as much as helping each other learn.
  • VSP+ gives the opportunity to build relationships with like-minded sport psychology professionals from around the world that can yield solutions to problems, lead to prosperous partnerships, and establish friendships.
  • VSP+ offers first access to VASPS, online courses and other offerings from VirtualSportPsych.com.
  • VSP+ is a community that welcomes members from diverse backgrounds including race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, and physical ableness.
  • VSP+ offers a focused environment to learn and network due to the absence of fluff content, noisy discussion channels, and immature members.
  • VSP+ has a privacy-first attitude toward all current and future aspects of the community.

I am excited to establish such a community for sport psychology professionals that is free from hate and distractions. This is where serious sport psychology professionals ask their questions, share their experiences, improve their services and raise the acceptance of applied sport psychology in different sports around the world. This is where sport psychology professionals where they return time and again to stay sharp, make new discoveries, expand their networks, and elevate their potential.

Inside VSP+

I love KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid – and that is what VSP+ is.

VSP+ is a private community 

VSP+ comes with different features that are only accessible for its members:

  • Channels around your problems, questions, and experiences in applied sport psychology
  • Channels for networking with other community members
  • Channels for taking care of your own mental health
  • Channels for focused discussions about specific sport psychological topics (mindfulness, pressure to perform, coach-athlete-relationship, and many more)
  • Private 1:1 messaging between VSP+ members

VSP+ is digital and asynchronous first – but nothing beats face-to-face contact. This is why there are various opportunities to interact and connect with like-minded sport psychology professionals on a more personal level.


VSP+ is a place to learn

Inside VSP+ you have the chance to participate in monthly workshops on several topics. Different sport psychology professionals will lead you through those workshops, that are all live (via Zoom). In case you miss a workshop, you can also attend the replay when you have the time to do so.

Besides such workshops, VSP+ has its own book club where we are talking about one book a month. Plus, in the future we will be reading one book all together as a group and discuss its content live.

In addition to those benefits directly inside VSP+ you will also have access to exclusive discounts for VASPS, online courses and any other offerings from VirtualSportPsych.com, only available for VSP+ members.

VSP+ is about you

VSP+ is about you, your questions, your needs, your interests in order to support you in developing as a sport psychology professional.

I am personally available for you at VSP+, but there are other even more experienced sport psychology professionals inside VSP+ who are looking forward to answer your questions.

In addition to the opportunity to ask questions and share your best (and worst!) practices with others in different channels, you can also attend several live Zoom meetings a month.

You can join for example

  • Weekly Office hours a.k.a. Live Q&A a.k.a. Virtual Coffee Breaks
  • Monthly Roof Top Bar Meetups
  • New VSP+ member meetups organized on a regular basis

A lot about VSP+ is based and informed by people I know and trust. This community will develop and grow as I learn more about you, your needs and your interests. VSP+ is about you and helping you helping others!

Motivated Members wanted

Focused on the benefit of the client. Committed to learn. Growth-minded. Willing to ask and share. If that sounds like you, and if you’ve been looking for a private community of like-minded sport psychology professionals to become better together, then I’d love to welcome you into VSP+.

VSP+ is brand new. It’s an innovation. That’s something special – for me and for you. If you feel extra motivation to be a part of something special from the very beginning, now is the moment to become an early member of this private community.

But first, let’s see if VSP+ is a good match for you:

It’s a good Match if…

…you are a sport psychology professional – or you are on your way to become one – and you want to learn, connect and interact with other sport psychology professionals to enhance your practice.

…you are eager to share your experiences and your knowledge with others, in order to help them become better at what they do in sports.

…you believe in humility, optimism, constant growth, professionalism, and the power of community.

…you are open to help others, talk about your wins and losses, share your methods, strategies, or even handouts in order to support other sport psychology professionals improve the acceptance of sport psychology in their respective country.

…you are emotionally ready to participate in the giving and receiving of feedback that may at times challenge your original thinking.

…you value diversity in all its forms and are accepting others regardless of their appearance, ideas, and backgrounds.

VSP+ is not a good match for you if…

  • …you are an athlete, coach, etc., and you want to learn about sport psychology and how to use it yourself or with your athletes,
  • …you are not ready to share ideas, your knowledge, or your experiences, that would help others improve their sport psychology practice,
  • …you are motivated by pessimism, negativity, and hate, or
  • …you expect this community to provide you with everything you might need to successfully work in applied sport psychology, without putting in the work.

FeelS like a match? Amazing!

You can now officially join VSP+ and participate in thoughtful conversations, attend workshops, access supervisions, exclusive content and create your personal network with other sport psychology professionals from around the globe.

BECOMING A MEMBER includeS the following benefits:
  • Access to the VSP+ community, your safe place to ask your questions, share your problems and ideas and learn from others
  • Networking as well as building relationships and friendships with other sport psychology professionals from around the world
  • Access to various online workshops (live and past recordings) that are meant to help you improve as a sport psychology professional
  • Special offers and discounts for online courses, VASPS, and other future events from VirtualSportPsych.com
Still interested? Here’s what you need to KNOW:

VSP+ is a community for sport psychology professionals first and foremost. We reserve the right to ensure that VSP+ is safe, professional and focused by ensuring that our members follow the rules of conduct listed within VSP+ and maintain professional standard of behavior. We will revoke membership to anybody who violates this professional standard of behavior without refund.