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POwerful alone,
Better Together.

Take your services in sport psychology to the next level: Develop yourself and your professional skills alongside other experienced sport psychology professionals.

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Working as a sport psychology professional is awesome…

We are working with fit athletes, supporting them in sport and in life. Being part of how they develop athletically and personally can be truly fulfilling.

…but it can also be challenging.

Most often we are working alone. There are always new questions to be answered, situations to be mastered, or problems to be solved. We continuously need to develop ourselves, learn about and keep up with the most recent research to help our athletes in the best ways possible. Without support and resources, we may struggle and even face burn out in our work supporting others.


A professional community for
sport psychology professionals

Inside VSP+

VSP+ was created to help
growth-minded sport psychology professionals from all around the world to learn, improve and reflect upon the services they deliver to their athletes and teams.

We are all different, but we
benefit all from the same.

No matter if it’s continuing education and training, supervision and peer-consultation, testing workshop templates, handouts, and other relevant resources or professional networking – all of this is for you and available inside VSP+.

VSP+ is for sport psychology
professionals just like you

Whether you are an experienced sport psychology professional or you are just embarking on your sport psychological journey: VSP+ is for you.

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VSP+ is...


For yourself, not by yourself VSP+ is about you, your questions, your needs, your interests to support you and your development as a sport psychology professional. Develop yourself and your services alongside other professionals from all around the globe, who will keep you focused on what is important: your athletes health and your own as well.


Continuing education – just for you Do you have challenging cases, new questions or just the need to get new input? We offer regular live workshops, supervision, and other events exclusively available inside VSP+ to support you. As part of your professional development, you receive a certificate of participation With Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for each workshop and supervision you join.


Confidentiality, safety, and privacy These are the most important values in (sport) psychology – and that is also true for VSP+. Our members are as diverse as the communities we serve, and we offer a community that is free of judgement and rejection. Come as you are and work with us to help you get the most out of it what you want in the community. We are in this together. We are a community.


Time – your precious resource VSP+ is all online and is accessible from anywhere with no need for travel. Join the sport psychology workshops and supervisions from wherever you are in the world – no matter if you are in your office, coffee shop, sitting on your balcony or traveling with athletes overseas. We are where you are.


Professional development at an affordable rate Supervision is expensive. Workshops are expensive. Traveling to international conferences is even more expensive. However, inside VSP+ you get monthly supervision and applied knowledge for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. Plus, as a VSP+ member, you receive special discounts for VASPS, additional workshops and other future events outside VSP+.

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Virtual Sport Psych VSP+

VSP Plus

Join Virtual Sport Psych and other sport psychology professionals from around the globe

Focused on the benefit of your clients. Committed to learn. Growth-minded. Willing to ask and share. If that sounds like you, then we’d love to welcome you into VSP+.




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Read what others are saying

I love to learn, I love sport psychology and I love to work internationally - and VSP is the answer. I appreciate the new input, the community feeling and the exchange with colleges all around the globe. It's a wonderful addition and inspiration to my daily work.
Virtual Sport Psych review Berit
Berit Kauffeldt
VASPS was an enriching experience. The new topics and also the anecdotes presented related to sports psychology left much learning. I think virtual congresses like this allow us to connect regardless of where we are and share our experiences from all around the world.
Stefania Paiz
Stefania Paiz
I cannot speak highly enough of the VSP+ community. As an upcoming Sport & Exercise psychologist, the community gives me a sense of belonging and connectedness, and the opportunity to gain perspectives from colleagues all over the world. Christian and Dirk are so welcoming and do an amazing job at nurturing a safe and inclusive environment. The community also provides an opportunity to learn from each other, with monthly workshops held by members , and supervision sessions with Christian. Being a global platform, the time zone differences are also catered for, and all resources and recordings are accessibly 24/7. I continue to find this membership extremely useful, relevant, and cost effective – thank you VSP team!!
Virtual Sport Psych review Melissa
Dr. Melissa Moore
I first came across VSP in 2020 during my master studies and participated in my first summit. What should I say? From that time on, I kept coming back delighted about all the high-quality input, resources and support VSP has to offer any sport psychologist (or the ones to be). Workshops, supervision sessions, summits, forums to exchange internationally... Christian and Dirk are really living their motto of getting better together and I hope they keep on working on their mission!
Virtual Sport Psych review Tabea
Tabea Werner
VASPS 2019 was the first international event that I attended in my life. The experience was sensational! The Summit had renowned professionals and was formatted in a model where we are not only listeners, but also invited to share our questions and learnings. In addition, what caught my attention was the availability of Christian Zepp before, during and after the event, being always present, concerned with our learning and constantly reinforcing our motivation. Delighted by the experience, I attended VASPS 2020 again, where new positive points were added to the event. Highlight for the factor of addressing issues related to discrimination in sport. I am a mild autistic person, and my goal as a Sports Psychologist is “to make high-income those who, many times, society deems to be low-income” and, since the beginning, I have been able to count on all the attention, respect and, mainly , incentive, by Christian Zepp. In summary, VASPS is a rich, dynamic event, where several subjects of high importance in the scope of Sport Psychology are treated, with the participation of several excellent professionals and, mainly, with an organizer who is always present, and concerned with our best experience.
Virtual Sport Psych review Cesar Augusto
Cesar Augusto Cobellas de Medeiros
By organizing VASPS Christian Zepp provides extremely well organized summits and the exceptional opportunity to learn from the very best in the field. I highly appreciate that the speakers share their invaluable experience of applying various methods and techniques in their practice. These summits help to take one’s own practice to the next level not only by being provided with outstanding high quality content and additional great learning and reading recommendations from the speakers but also by getting access to a platform for connecting and exchanging experiences with other sports psychologists from around the world. Thank you Christian Zepp for these great Summits!
Virtual Sport Psych review Moehle
Dr. Daniela Moehle BSc
VASPS =Top quality content Benefiting from experienced sports psychologists Learning through a lot of different ays Motivational resource All around service Getting in touch, connecting, sharing Synthesis of theory and application No brainer cost-benefit ratio Having a good time
Virtual Sport Psych review Josef
Josef Spiegl
As sport psychologist you should always strive to gain more knowledge and develop your skills. VASPS is a great way to do exactly that and learn from sport psych practitioners from all over the globe. I particularly appreciated the fact that a vast number of different subjects has been addressed during VASPS.
Virtual Sport Psych review Frank
Frank Muller
VASPS is a great opportunity for every sport psychologist but especially for the young ones, just beginning their career. Not only to gain knowledge from practitioners all around the world, but also to build up an international network of colleagues. It is so reinforcing to attend to talks in an international and digital format, to chat and to share experiences or to learn from the mistakes of others. I am already looking forward to this years VASPS under Christians great organization, to meet interested people, all with a great fondness of sport psychology.
Virtual Sport Psych review Tessa Hoffmann
Tessa Hoffmann
VASPS offers the opportunity and space for practitioners to come together and update their knowledge in a way that traditional conferences do not. I love that it allows for relevant and much needed conversations in the field while also providing resources that you can play with in your own time.
Virtual Sport Psych review Elena
Elena-Madalina Margarit
VASPS is a great opportunity to learn from exceptional sport psychologists from all over the world and connect with them. Getting an insight into the practices from colleagues and the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with them, helps to inform ones own practice, especially for young professionals just entering the field. Additionally, VASPS offers a wide range of interesting, relevant, and sensitive topics, from both the practitioner and athlete perspective, which not only inform but also inspire. And an added benefit to all of that is, that you don’t have to worry of missing anything, as you can just watch the sessions in your own time, fitting your life schedule …and all that from the comfort of your home. Great work from Christian putting together such an amazing summit!
Virtual Sport Psych review Spiros
Spiros Chrysidis
VASPS offers effortless access to highly valuable knowledge in the field of sport psychology. This is unique and remarkable! I really appreciated Christian addressing sensitive topics and treating them with great care!! Listening to the stories of the athletes and the inputs of the professionals made me feel the importance of sport psychology and inspired me to make this field more accepted and popular! I enjoy (re-)listening to VASPS whenever and wherever I want to, while doing sports or sitting on the balcony enjoying the sun!:) I can’t wait for VASPS 2021 to keep improving my work quality as a sport psychologist! Thanks!
Virtual Sport Psych review Veronika
Veronika Mayerhofer
What a great experience. I don’t know if there has ever been a comparable source of this kind of high quality content in talks and discussions in such an easy accessible online set up. For me, the VASPS 2020 was definitely a huge win. It brings the best out there right into your home. Thank you Christian for bringing these great minds together.
Virtual Sport Psych review Yannik Lengenberg
Yannik Lengenberg
VASPS helped me get better insight in numerous sports psychology topics. You can see that there’s a lot of quality and passion in this whole event! Great speakers, great on- and offline content and a great community.
Virtual Sport Psych review Steven Behn
Steven Behn
One of the best webinars I’ve attended. Extremely grateful for the opportunity, as a beginner and aspiring sports psychologist it really means the world. The lectures were phenomenal and insightful. I especially enjoyed that people were talking about their sports psychology journey, which has motivated me even more. Hopefully we can work together in the future.
rugby team
Vuk Petrović


VirtualSportPsych is a private online social community for sport psychology professionals to exchange knowledge, experience, support, reflection, and education toward enhancing all of our work in the field.

Sport psychology professionals, young and experienced alike who are interested to learn, improve, and reflect upon the services they offer to their athletes and teams.

VSP+ is our online community that is active year-round, through VSP+ we host our monthly workshop series, group supervisions, Virtual Coffee Breaks, Office Hours, and other events. It’s also a place for our colleagues to ask questions, post recommendations, exchange knowledge and more.

VASPS or Virtual Applied Sport Psychology Summit is our annual two-day summit where we invite sport psychology professionals from all over the world to present and share their knowledge on a variety of topics.

It sure is and we highly encourage sport psychology students to join us! For that we offer special rates that are accessible specifically for students. Please contact David (Dirk) or Christian for more information.  

No. VirtualSportPsych is not an accrediting body for the field. Our focus is on continuing education and community development for our field. We offer “continuing education units” for participation within our workshops and group supervisions that may be submitted to an accrediting body, however it is up to the accrediting organization itself whether they choose to accept it.

Of course! We have members on six different continents with representation from a large variety of countries and regions. We embrace diversity as a strength to better help us learn and adapt cultural considerations within our own practices.

VirtualSportPsych is primarily designed for sport psychologists and individuals aspiring to become one. However, if you’re a coach seeking to enhance your understanding of sport psychology and delve deeper into the theoretical and practical aspects of applied sport psychology, our VSP+ program may be suitable for you. It provides comprehensive insights into the theory and practice of sport psychology, tailored specifically for sport psychologists looking to strengthen their knowledge in this area.

You can send every question you might have to or and we will take care of all of your questions!

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