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Powerful alone.
Better together.

We at VirtualSportPsych.com help sport psychologists from around the world get access to all tools, knowledge and experiences available. We strive to develop innovative solutions to provide everything that YOU need to successfully work with athletes, teams and coaches. We all are already powerful alone with the knowledge and the experiences we have – but we will become even better when we share what we know and when we start working together.


With VASPS – the Virtual Applied Sport Psychology Summit – we strive to share knowledge, tools and experiences in the field of applied sport psychology. Our goal is to help sport psychology professionals continuously improve their work, increase the awareness about the benefits of sport psychology and decrease the stigma around psychology and mental health – in sports and in general. Learn more about VASPS 2022 here and access the VASPS Archive here!

VSP+ Community

By creating high quality content for you and your applied work it is our goal to grow a community of likeminded sport psychology professionals who want to continuously improve their work, share their experiences and take sport psychology as a profession to the next level. We are powerful alone. But we are even better together. Learn more about the private and safe VSP+ community.

VirtualSportPsych.com is committed to helping people and the environment

benefits of THE VIRTUAL SUMMIT and Online Community


Invaluable knowledge – and experiences
All of the invited speakers are renowned in their profession for delivering high quality work to some of the best athletes from around the world. In addition to invited speakers other sport psychology professionals also share their best practices, methods and experiences with us so that we all can learn from each other.

You will learn about problems and challenges sport psychologists face, how they improve their practice, methodological approaches they apply, how they work in youth and team sports and what they do to reduce the stigma around mental health.

Learn and attend on your schedule

Save time – and money
No traveling fees, no accommodation costs, no expensive restaurants, no waiting time at the airport. Looking for a cheap flight or, decent accommodation, traveling alone, waiting in lounges, standing in overbooked trains, or buying new clothes in a foreign city because the airline lost your luggage… We’ve all been there!

Just sit back on the couch in your pajamas, cook your lunch or enjoy all the presentations, talks, and interviews as .mp3s while running or driving to your next appointment. Once you’re done listening, join the community and discuss the content and methods shared, or have others learn from your experiences.

LEARN and interact green

Less travel – less carbon dioxide
We love our planet and because our environmentally friendly communication method does not need any travel or printing batches, certificates, outlines etc. we don’t increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment. 

Moreover, VASPS is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, meaning that we donate at least 1% of all earnings to non-profit organizations that work for our wonderful planet.

VASPS 2022 IS committed to helping people and the environment


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